Active B

Essential nutrients for optimal health, energy production, brain, liver and nerve cell function, and muscle tone in the GI tract.

Green Super Food

This powerful blend combines alkalizing fresh greens, wholesome fruits and veggies, probiotics, plus an antioxidant blend to aid natural digestive functions. In Berry or Citrus flavor. Included in Premium Membership.

The Purge

Helps increase energy, remove toxins, improve liver function, boost immune system, enhance weight loss, reduce risk of colon cancer, improve mood and more. Included in Silver Membership and Premium Membership Plans.

Lipo Lean Spray

This berry-flavored spray helps increase energy, enhance metabolic function and supports fat utilization. Included in Silver Membership and Premium Membership Plans.

Ultra Slim 30

This innovative HCG alternative is used in conjunction with a low calorie diet by increasing metabolic activity, reducing appetite and melting fats. Included in Premium Membership.

Muscle Support

A comprehensive blend of essential amino acids. Goes great with the Ultra Slim 30 program to maintain healthy muscle tone. Included in Premium Membership.

App Lean

Non-stimulant appetite control that works to boost metabolism and increase fat burning. Included in Silver Membership.

App Lean+

Appetite control that works to boost metabolism, increase fat burning and increase energy.

Carb Buster

Supports weight loss efforts by helping to slow carbohydrate and sugar absorption and reduce cravings.

Glucose Support

Supports metabolic function and helps promote glucose absorption and cardiovascular health.

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