H2 Nutrition

H2 Nutrition


Take the Next Step in Personalized Nutrition

Provides valuable insight into how your body processes and utilizes key vitamins and nutrients.

  • 42 genetic markers tested, 15 traits scored
  • Food recommendations and success strategies for maintaining healthy nutrient levels


H2 Nutrition provides a comprehensive analysis of your genetic predisposition to absorbing micro-nutrients in your diet. Even if you eat a perfectly balanced diet with plenty of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, most of us have some difficulty in absorbing one or more micro-nutrients at the cellular level. Understanding your genetic profile for how your body likely processes key vitamins and minerals is an important step in developing a healthy nutrition program.


  • Laboratory analysis of your DNA sample – 42 genetic markers
  • Online interactive H2 Nutrition report, including:
    • Analysis of your DNA sample – 42 genetic markers
    • Recommendations to help you address any potential deficiencies
    • Nutrient recommendations, including supplement suggestions
    • Supporting scientific research