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Age Management

Age Management with Sermorelin
Available at our Meridian Location

Our body’s natural human growth hormone output peaks in our mid 20s, and our HGH levels drop by 40% by the time we are in our 40s. As we continue to age, HGH levels continue to decrease, and this is considered one of the principal medical signs of aging. By increasing HGH levels, you can benefit from fat loss, increased energy, growth in lean muscle, better mood, higher libido, and more. Sermorelin treatment encourages the natural production of human growth hormone, creating the potential to reverse the affects of aging.

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a form of growth hormone releasing factor (GRF) that contains only the first 29 amino acids. The GRF that is produced naturally in the brain contains 44 amino acids. In the 1970?s it was discovered that only the first 29 amino acids are responsible for stimulating pituitary production and secretion of hGH. Sermorelin works to stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally produce increased amounts of growth hormone (HGH). Because it stimulates a natural process, as opposed to treatments that directly add the hormone, this age management therapy is less likely to lead to complications.

Benefits of Sermorelin

• Increased energy & strength

• Increases natural production of Human Growth Hormone

• Improves physical and mental performance

• Improves immune function

• Improved wound healing

• Improved heart function

• Increased calcium retention and bone density

• Improves sleep quality and combats insomnia

• Effects of Sermorelin are regulated by the pituitary gland, so only a safe amount of HGH is produced and secreted


At Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic we can restore your vitality by balancing your hormones. You’re only a phone call away from feeling your best


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