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Gx Peak Performance incorporates all four genetic tests, meaning you will not need to send a sample back to the lab for additional insight. You will receive optimal strategies for diet, weight management, exercise, lifestyle, performance, and nutrition. This report bundles Gx Slim, Gx Perform, Gx Renew, and Gx Nutrition at a significant discount over the cost of running the tests separately.


  • Laboratory analysis of your DNA sample – 270 genetic markers
  • Online interactive Gx Peak Performance report, including:
  • Analysis of your DNA sample – 270 genetic markers
  • Recommendations to help you address any potential deficiencies
  • Recommendations for weight loss, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition
  • Supporting scientific research

*Thank you for your interest in our Healthy Habits products. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot process online payments. However, you can still purchase a membership by giving us a call at our Meridian Clinic at (208) 887-4872. 

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