Meridian Speedway

Roaring engines. The smell of burnt rubber. Cold beers and loud cheers. On nearly any warm summer night, you can sit right up close to the action of classic auto racing at the Meridian Speedway. Whether you’re into vintage models or monster trucks, you’re guaranteed a rowdy crowd and a wild night. The Meridian Speedway was built on land that was and is still owned by the Meridian Dairy & Stock Show, Inc., also known as the Meridian Dairy Board.

Established in 1951, for over sixty years Meridian Speedway has not only been a host for competition in the motor vehicle racing industry but has also been instrumental in providing a complex to maintain the growing interest in auto racing in the Treasure Valley. The locally owned business is operated by Adam Nelson and Al Russel, who have strong ties to the racing community, Meridian Speedway takes great pride in all the events they offer.

Due to its small size, the infield is empty (only a patch of grass) and pit road is located outside the track behind the backstretch. The entrance to pit road is located in turn 2, with the exit back onto the track in turn 3. Right outside of the track is the town’s yellow water tower, and a replica of it is on the track’s winner’s trophies. The Speedway was originally two railroads: the Alabama and Vicksburg Railway built the section from Meridian to Vicksburg, while the Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacific Railway built the section from Vicksburg to Shreveport. Together they were known as the “Vicksburg Route. These railroads, as well as others forming a line from New Orleans, Louisiana, through Meridian to Cincinnati, Ohio, were joined in 1881 to form the Queen and Crescent Route, controlled by the Alabama, New Orleans, Texas and Pacific Junction Railways Company, Limited.

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