Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park

This 60-acre park with an amphitheater offers a range of activities, such as fishing & basketball. This 60-acre urban park includes two large ponds, rolling hills, an arboretum with labyrinth, an active recreation area with a decorative splash pad, and an abundance of trees. The site includes a civic complex featuring a new Meridian Branch Library and Senior Center. The park includes over 3 ½ miles of pedestrian pathways, and a loop roadway system with a bike lane. The Grand Promenade and Memorial Plaza are the signature park amenities, with colored concrete, pavers, ornamental pedestrian lighting, benches and a bronze statue honoring local businessman and gentleman farmer Julius M. Kleiner. 

Julius M. Kleiner was a man who understood and appreciated freedom from the time a chance opportunity brought him to America. His arrival signified the beginning of nearly 60 years of service dedicated to farming and food production. This is the story of Julius M. Kleiner – immigrant, businessman, philanthropist, and father. Born in 1892, Julius came to America from Russia in 1915. His journey to America came after an arduous trip on the Trans‐  Siberian Railroad with stops along the way in Manchuria and Japan. From Japan, he took a freighter across the Pacific Ocean and landed in Seattle. He worked odd jobs digging graves and tending counters in a grocery store, eventually leaving Seattle for Spokane, where he worked in the creamery business, which would become a lifelong pursuit. From Spokane, the business led him to Butte, Montana and eventually to Shanghai and Japan. Julius worked for Anker Henningsen’s creamery business until AH’s death in the 1920s. After that time, Julius purchased Mr. Henningsen’s branch operation in Caldwell, Idaho and moved to the state that would become his new home.

The Meridian Parks and Recreation Commission meets at 5:30 p.m. the second Wednesday of every month, in the City Hall Council Chambers, 33 East Broadway Avenue. All meetings are open to the public, and agendas are available at the Parks & Recreation office the Friday prior to the meeting.

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