Independence Indoor Shooting

Family friendly venues provide a safe place for people to enjoy the shooting sports. We cater to both new and experienced shooters. Retail store, meeting spaces, gunsmith, and arcade shooting gallery. Only public 100-yd indoor range in the Northwest also has two 25-yd bays. Shoot tame guns or unique machine guns including automatic Glock 17, AK-47, M-16, S.A.WS.C.A.R. .50 caliber Barrett! The Range Safety Rules are also displayed before you enter the range and on the wall in each range.

Shooting at Independence is open to the public. Anyone legally allowed to handle firearms is welcome to participate in our facility. Although, membership at Independence has its perks and will save you a lot of money on range fees if you plan to shoot more than once a month. They do not allow the use of black powder, steel-core, armor-piercing, incendiary, tracers or any type of “Non-conventional” ammo. If you are not sure what type of ammo you have please ask one of their staff members. They do have a holster certification process. Just ask any representative to be holster certified. If you are active in law enforcement or military and carry and train regularly as part of their employment, you will not need to go through our holster certification process. 

You must be 21 to rent handguns, full-autos and suppressors, however you can rent non-full-autos, bolt action and shotguns at 18. You can shoot full-autos at 18 however they have to be rented by someone over the age of 21. Recommended age for participating in our range is 8 years old. We have allowed kids younger into our range with experience. Kids must follow all our range rules, must be under complete adult supervision, and be well behaved in the range. We have several youth shooting classes and a league for kids to participate in. At Independence, our range is first come first serve. However, reservations can be made for special events or groups of 8 or more. Please check in at  “Range Check-In” counter.

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