Idaho State Capitol Building

Idaho’s Capitol is our state’s most-treasured building. Within its beautiful sandstone walls, laws have been passed, issues debated, and citizen rights safeguarded for nearly a century. To ensure the Capitol’s long history and legacy, the Idaho Capitol Commission was appointed by Governor Phil Batt in July 1998. Subsequent Governors have been strong advocates of the Commission and its goal to restore and preserve the Capitol to its original splendor. The Idaho State Capitol in Boise is the home of the government of the U.S. state of Idaho. Although Lewiston briefly served as Idaho’s capital from the formation of Idaho Territory in 1863, the territorial legislature moved it to Boise on December 24, 1864.

On January 9, 2010, the Idaho Statehouse, “A Capitol of Light,” was rededicated after 3 years of restorations and renovations. For more information about the project, including the addition of the underground wings. It was discovered several years ago that historic replica “chicken wire” glass installed during the renovation completed in 2009 were delaminating, or separating, internally. The effect of this is visible, especially in the rotunda, where the glass has developed round circles in areas that have delaminated.  Because the glass separation may affect the integrity of the windows it is more than a simple cosmetic issue. Because of this, the Capitol Commission has been actively engaged with the original renovation contractor to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement to share costs and complete the work. Windows reachable by ladder both in common areas and tenant spaces will be replaced beginning the second week of June with minimal interruption for both tenants and visitors.

Reaching the skylights on the 4th floor and upper rotunda areas will require erecting scaffolding. Every level of the Capitol rotunda from the garden level to the fourth floor will have some impact from the project. The garden level will be reinforced to support a material hoist installed on the first floor and scaffolding will be installed from the second floor to the fourth. A temporary protective wall will surround the interior of the rotunda allowing the building to remain open to both tenants and visitors during the duration of the project. Construction of the scaffolding will begin the week of July 5th with an anticipated completion date of October 15th. We will update the schedule and publish it here as the project progresses.

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