Joint Injections

Meridian Medical Provider Offering Natural Joint Injections

Joint pain of osteoarthritis is commonly treated with Hyalgan, a hyaluronic acid replacement therapy. Hyalgan is a solution of hyaluronate, which is a natural substance that lubricates and cushions the knee joint. In a healthy joint, synovial fluid contains the body’s own hyaluronan which lubricates and acts as a shock absorber. Osteoarthritis reduces synovial fluid’s ability to lubricate and protect the knee joint, causing pain. Hyalgan replaces synovial fluid to keep the joint slippery and help nourish knee cartilage.

Effects of Hyalgan

One course of Hyalgan therapy can relieve pain and improve mobility. It also helps you get back into exercising, which is important for arthritic joints. Exercise helps increase range of motion, reducing joint pain and fatigue.

In clinical trials, there were no reported drug interactions with Hyalgan. The most common adverse events reported in clinical trials with Hyalgan included injection-site swelling and irritation. Other adverse events observed included gastrointestinal upset. The incidence of gastrointestinal complaints reported with Hyalgan was similar to those with placebo.


Hyalgan has been proven to provide long-lasting relief of OA knee pain. In a published clinical trial, 5 injections of Hyalgan given once a week for 5 weeks reduced knee pain for up to 6 months. Some patients have experienced pain relief after 3 injections given once per week. Treatment with Hyalgan gave patients a 33% reduction in pain with the first cycle of 5 injections vs placebo.