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Medical weight loss in Meridian, Idaho

5 Medical Weight Loss Tips for Women

Though diet and exercise are the go-to solutions for weight loss, it isn’t the answer for every woman. In fact, many women report struggling with weight loss after after the age of 40. When life happens, such as children, marriage, and a career, women find it hard to find the time to shape up and

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Late Night Snacking-

The clock strikes midnight and you find yourself wandering to the fridge. We’ve all been there, but this late night snacking could be weighing you down. Why Do We Crave Late Night Snacks? A study published in the journal Obesity found that the body’s internal clock increases cravings for sweet and salty foods at night.

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Four Reasons to Drink More Water

Summer is right around the corner! Here are some reasons why staying hydrated plays such an important role in a healthy lifestyle! More Energy Proper hydration helps you feel energized with clear thinking and better concentration! Dehydration is a major cause of fatigue and weakness! Weight Loss Hydrated organs work better- which means your metabolism

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