Genetic testing helps with weight loss

4 Reasons Genetic Testing Helps You Lose Weight

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Genetic Testing and Weight Loss

Many people have no clue how genetic testing can help them lose weight. Are you finding it hard to lose weight even if you spend hours in the gym and have tried all sorts of diets? Well, you are not alone. But maybe you are not looking at one aspect that can affect your weight loss efforts that is ‘your genes’. Below are 4 reasons genetic testing helps you lose weight, as suggested by Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Genetic Testing to Lose Weight

Weight loss is simply not the same for everyone. Sometimes the issue goes deeper than just working out or starting a diet. If you are not following a diet and workout plan that your body needs, you may a lot of time and see little to no change. Read these 4 reasons to get a better understanding.

1. It can Suggest the Right Diet

Sometimes, even when individuals try to cut calories and eat so-called healthy food, they still can’t seem to lose weight. The problem is that their diet does not match their DNA. Through genetic testing, you will be able to determine the right nutrients that your body needs and at the right amounts. With the guidance of a doctor and nutritionist, you can use the results of your genetic testing to formulate a personalized diet and health plan that you can follow to lose weight and improve your overall health. With genetic testing, you can put an end to your endless search for a diet that works. You can choose the results of gene testing to create a diet plan that will have the most impact on your weight loss goals. It takes away the guesswork and puts more certainty to your efforts. With the use of genetic testing, you can also avoid following fad diets that don’t work.

2. It can Tell Which Food to Avoid

Gene testing can give you important insights on how your body is processing certain nutrients and how it burns the food you are eating. For example, it can tell you if you are more susceptible to gain weight if you consume high amounts of saturated fat or sugar for that matter. So essentially, gene testing can tell you what food to eat and what to avoid. An expert can also use your gene testing results to recommend supplements you can take. The science of nutrigenetics has also caused the emergence of what experts call medical foods, these are real foods that provide you with the nutrients you need. 

3. It Can Tell You How to Exercise

Diet, of course, is just one part of the weight-loss equation. The other one is exercise. But do you know what type of exercise will work for you, or how often you need to exercise and for how long in order to get the desired results. You can use gene testing to create a tailor-fitted exercise plan. Without knowing how your body will respond to a certain exercise routine, you can end up doing something that will not bring results. You can end up wasting precious time and resources. Through gene testing, you can maximize your results. Usually, what people do is to consider their lifestyle alone in trying to develop a workout routine. A more effective way is to consider both your lifestyle and your genetic profile. The reason why some people do not achieve their fitness goals, even though they spend a lot of time in the gym, is that their genetic profile does not approve of their choice of exercise. This is because they are simply not aware. Of course, you can only be aware of your genetic profile if you will undergo gene testing.

4. It Can Motivate You to Exercise More

Knowledge can be empowering. If you know more, then you are more empowered to act and to put more effort into your weight loss plan. You can use the results obtained from genetic testing to motivate you to exercise more. One of the reasons why many people become demotivated, when it comes to working out, is that they are not seeing the results they are looking for. The problem really is not because they are not putting in enough effort, but because they are not working out according to their genetic profile. Genetic testing provides more clarity. And it also offers hope. When you start to see results, you can become more motivated to continue with your exercise and weight loss plan. Genetic testing is really about knowing your body more and knowing what it needs.


Therefore, Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic proposes that gene testing can give you the missing link in your weight loss efforts. Of course, your lifestyle is still the main determining factor on whether you will lose weight or not. But if you feel like you are doing everything you can and you are still not getting the results you want, then maybe it is time for you to look for other clues. Knowing your genetic profile is one big step that you can take, to give your weight loss efforts a boost. But of course, you need to take action. Knowing is just one half of the equation. You must put the information obtained from genetic testing into good use by incorporating it into your workout and health plan.


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