Your Weight Loss Journey: Food Journaling

When it comes to losing weight, studies have shown that keeping a record of what you eat can play a big role in your success. In one study of nearly 1,700 participants, those who kept a food journal lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t keep any records.

What should you include in a food journal?

Keeping a food journal can help you understand your eating habits and patterns, and help you identify the foods you tend to eat regularly. The key to successful food journaling is accuracy and consistency. You should include the following in your records:

  • What? Log the specific food or beverage consumed and how it was prepared (baked, fried, etc). Make sure to include any condiments, dressings or toppings.
  • How much? It is best to weigh and measure your food and list the amount eaten in cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces, etc. If it is not possible to get an accurate measurement of the amount, do your best to estimate the portion size.
  • When? Keeping track of your meal times can be helpful in identifying patterns in your behavior that may need to be adjusted, such as snacking late at night.

Tips for successful food journaling

  • Record the food or beverage as soon as you consume it. Your recollection is less likely to be accurate if you wait until the end of the day to enter your records.
  • Be as specific as you can with the food or beverage.
  • Take advantage of our health coaches to help you be successful with your journaling.

Your Health Partner

At Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic, our health coach will help you with your food journaling to create a true lifestyle change and put an end to the yo-yo dieting of the past. They will support your efforts with guidance on your specific weight loss program, meal plans and journaling through a convenient meal app.  Through online appointments, your coach will assess your past weeks results, set new goals, and assist with strategies to help you stay on track. You will receive the encouragement and support you need to continue to make these permanent lifestyle changes.

Choose a membership and get started today.

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