5 Genetic testing kits for better health

Genetic Testing: 5 Tests for Better Health

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Owing to the high amount of research and science-backed knowledge, genetic testing has gained popularity in the last few years. Moving away from the traditional approach of, “one for all” health and fitness programs which are mostly based on guesswork, genetic testing has paved a way for personalized testing. Because of this, it helps people get an understanding of their body types. It also helps create personalized and tailored programs for maximum benefits. It is well known that a single health maintenance regime does not work for all body types and a lot can be understood through genetic testing.

Examining the body through a DNA test can help reveal the chemical database that works as per the genomic structure. It can also tell about the genes that can cause diseases and illnesses later in life. Furthermore, the human body responds to a certain environment and sudden changes associated with it. It process carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that can be easily understood by a genetic examination. Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic provides theses tests, and we work with the patients to ensure they know how their body is working and what actually works for them.

Some of the advantages of genetic testing are discussed below:

Personalized Programs

Knowing how the human body responds to a particular diet and fitness program helps in different ways. It is observed that some people keep gaining weight even after cutting out on carbs and fats from their diet and spending hours on the treadmill. On the other hand, some people do not gain weight at all. Through genetic testing, it becomes easier to understand how the body is processing the food and which diet and fitness will suit a person.

Disease Detection

Genes can tell a lot about the present state of the body. Along with your lifestyle and family history, it can also predict diseases or illnesses that might happen in the future. It gives a person a chance to save oneself before the onset of the disease by altering the lifestyle and adopting the tailored fit fitness programs.

Delay Aging

No one wants to age but it is a natural phenomenon that the body will age with time. But some people tend to age early and feel weak and drained even when they are young. Even so, a lot of it depends upon the genetic make-up of the person and how the body is behaving to the present lifestyle. A set of genes is responsible to keep a body young and vibrant and with this type of test, it is possible to slow down aging.

Auto-Immune Disorders

Auto-immune disorders affect only a few people in the world and it is difficult to understand the cause behind them. But with testing it can suggest ways to control the inflammation in the body caused by specific food items and can help in delaying the symptoms. It is a boon for the people facing trouble without knowing the cause behind it.

5 Genetic Tests for Better Health

Below are five genetic tests that are important for healthy living.

General Health Genetic Testing

The test involves analyzing the DNA(1) of the patient and checking the genetic markers to understand the risk associated with the present lifestyle. The markers are crucial to understanding the health risks and diseases that a person might develop later in life. The test can predict the likelihood of diseases like breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Celiac, early onset of Alzheimer’s, and some other illnesses.

Carrier Screening Genetic Testing

Some diseases are passed to the children but may not directly affect the parents. Because of this, testing can help in checking if a person is a carrier of any such genetic variant(2) causing genetic disorders in the children. If both the parents are the carrier of a genetic variant, then there is a higher chance of children developing the disorder. Furthermore, Genetic testing can help couples to understand the health risks their children might have.

Genetic Testing for Wellness

Overall wellness of a body depends on the genetics of an individual and a genetic test to understand the traits(3) associated with your body can help. The test markers include a person’s disposition for addiction, genetic weight, and the experience of deep sleep. This will help in guiding the lifestyle and diet.

Genetic Testing for Fitness

A personalized fitness regime(4) can be created once you can analyze the genes related to the metabolic activity of the body, muscle strength, and recovery time. A simple test can reveal the changes needed to reach the fitness goals by altering the diet, changing the lifestyle, and the exercise suitable for the body, this will lead to better health.

Genetic Testing for Cellular Aging

Cellular aging depends upon diet, sleeping pattern, exercise, and the genetic makeup of the body. You can analyze what factors are responsible for the body to age early(5) and lose the vitality by taking this test. It is also possible to estimate how well the body will fare with the current lifestyle and physical health.

Advanced genetic testing can help people to understand their body type and take informed steps in reaching their personal goals and maintaining good health. Reach out to Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic to get your genetic testing done today, the earlier you know about your body, the better.


  1. H2 Nutrition Genetic Testing Kit.
  2. H2 Peak Performance Genetic Testing Kit.
  3. H2 Slim Genetic Testing Kit.
  4. H2 Fit Genetic Testing Kit.
  5. H2 Rejuvenate Genetic Testing Kit.

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