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5 Medical Weight Loss Tips for Women

Though diet and exercise are the go-to solutions for weight loss, it isn’t the answer for every woman. In fact, many women report struggling with weight loss after after the age of 40. When life happens, such as children, marriage, and a career, women find it hard to find the time to shape up and live healthy. Medical weight loss is a great solution to this.

Studies also show that lack of sleep and high stress levels have a major impact on body weight, belly fat, and metabolism. For women, this causes unwanted drops in energy, low sex drive, breathing and heart issues, and a shorted life span.

The treatments we provide at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic provides an alternative and highly effective solution to the traditional weight loss journey. Here are the top 5 treatments we provide to women for medical weight loss.

1. Appetite Suppression

The hardest thing to do when attempting to lose weight is to change your eating habits. Everything from the type of foods you like to eat, to the amount of food you eat factors into how successful your diet will be. It takes an average of 21 days to change your habits. This includes the types of food in your diet and suppressing your hand-to-mouth disorder.

This is a more holistic approach to the weight loss journey. In turn, this leads to better food selection and a healthier outlook. Using appetite suppression as a weight-loss method will help you reach your goal weight and help your keep it off.

2. HCG Injections

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is naturally produced by a woman’s body during pregnancy. It’s vital to the survival of the unborn child. It maintains the health of the uterus lining and the embryo. What studies have found is that it your muscles also become more resistant to mass loss. For women, this starts in their 40’s and picks up speed in their 50’s.

The less muscle mass you have, the harder it is to drop unwanted weight. Muscles work together with the body to help burn fat and create a more lean look.

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3. Vitamin Injections

One of the biggest issues when trying to lose weight is the lack of vitamins the body has. Though it’s a HUGE reason why many women cannot drop the weight, not many know the power of vitamins and the fight against weight loss.

Giving your body the proper tools to work increases the chance of your weight goals being met. Vitamin shots allow your body the boost it needs to fight unwanted weight. These shots also give your liver the ability to produce more metabolism by helping it process and digest properly. Click here to see vitamin injection options.

4. Nutritional Coaching for Medical Weight Loss

One issue many women have with weight loss is keeping it off. The “yo-yo effect” is all, too real. The “yo-yo effect” is when you lose weight, gain weight, and lose it again. Your body goes up and down like a yo-yo. With a nutritional coach on your team, you’ll have a better fighting chance. Part of medical weight loss is having guidance. They provide you with insight that allows you more control over your weight loss journey.

Sometimes we cannot do it alone and do not have the answers. With a nutrition coach, you increase your chances of reaching your goal and keeping it off!

5. Exercise + Medical Weight Loss

Working out alone is not the answer for many women. It sounds simple to do, but seems difficult to accomplish. But there is a twist. Combine a good sweat -breaking workout along with your medical weight loss treatments, and you’ll see the results that have evaded you for so long. The medications and injections mentioned in this post allow your body to see the results of your efforts. With the proper boost to your metabolism and medication, your body will begin to show the benefit of your dedicated effort.


Your health is a high priority in life. Without it, our lives could risk serious danger. If you are a woman struggling to lose unwanted weight, medial weight loss is a great alternative. Without it, your weight loss journey may be more difficult than you can imagine. Before starting any any medical weight loss treatment, schedule a consultation with at your local weight loss treatment clinic .

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