Benefits of non-surgical knee pain and joint pain

4 Benefits of Non-Surgical Pain Treatment

Using a non-surgical treatment for your knee pain and joint pain helps avoid the downtime and healing time associated with traditional surgery. This article explains 4 benefits of non-surgical pain treatment.

Benefits: No-Risk Side Effects | Able to Perform Daily Tasks | Beyond Symptoms | Holistic Healing

Non-surgical treatment techniques include both medication treatment and medication treatment. The physicians and pain management specialists, such as Chiropractors and Acupuncture specialists, mostly recommend starting your treatment with both at the same time.

There are several benefits of non-surgical treatments which we are going to include in this article. Before moving ahead with the benefits, let’s put some light on non-surgical treatments which specialists recommend and practice:

  • Acupuncture
  • Message
  • Physical therapy
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Narcotics (opioids)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Muscle relaxant medication
  • Chiropractic

These treatments are used to treat chronic (long-lasting) and acute (sudden) pain. The specialists study the case first, then recommend which treatment suits you the best. However, most recommend more than one treatment simultaneously to achieve better results. Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic offers Non-Surgical Pain Treatments. The experts know which treatment is to be used when.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Pain Treatment

Non-surgical therapies are also called non-invasive therapy and complementary techniques. These therapies play an essential role in managing and alleviating short and long-term pain. Here are four benefits of non-surgical pain treatment:

1. No-Risk of Side Effects

Before you start any treatment or medication, you must be curious about its side effects. The leading reason to go with non-surgical and non-medication treatment is that it has no side effects, unlike medication treatment. Moreover, they also don’t let you fall on some harmful medication addiction. Therefore, you should never worry about any hurdle in quitting it, you can stop consuming it any time.

Compared to surgical treatments, non-invasive treatments are more adaptable, cost-effective, and easier to practice. On the other hand, doctor or healthcare practitioner needs a high-level of expertise to carry out surgical treatment. Consequently, after the surgical treatment, the patient is likely to bear a tremendous amount of pain, stitches, long-term bed rest, and uncomfortable living.

Whereas non-surgical treatment requires less equipment and can be done easily at home. The worst side-effects thrive after the surgical treatment for knee pain or joint pain. In such a case, you must pursue non-surgical treatment first to avoid suffering from the side-effects. 

2. Able to Perform Daily Tasks

Most of the pain management specialists and healthcare experts recommend physical and occupational therapy on a priority basis. However, it is mandatory for the patient to always work with only licensed physical or occupational therapists.

Sometimes their assistants look after your health and treatment. They engage you on certain sets of exercises according to the type of pain, flexibility, and strength; age plays a crucial factor in suggesting the exercise.

What if massage becomes your pain treatment? In many cultures, massage therapy is taken very seriously and is a common treatment that not only reduces muscle tension but also upsurges flexibility. Moreover, it contributes to stimulating blood flow; ultimately, reducing stiffness and swelling. 

Particularly, occupational therapy helps patients to continue their routine life and the ability to perform daily tasks, such as washing clothes or climbing stairs. Besides, this therapy also enables you to strategize your environment and adapt your daily routine easily.

TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is becoming a popular and trendy treatment for pain management with various other benefits. Technically, TENS machines increase the blood flow throughout your body and relax muscles. The patches are placed on your body that transmits a low electric current.

Patients feel a vibrating and buzzing sensation when the current transmit through the body. Sometimes a patient may feel discomfort; the device comes with the option to adjust the current according to the patient’s tolerance. Using the TENS machine before and after the physical therapy prevents stiffness and soreness. Also, TENS is one of those devices which can become can be used at home like a nebulizer.

3. Beyond Symptoms

A third non-surgical pain treatment benefit approaches to a systematic case study of health and wellness. The best part is the focus on root cause which enables long-term solutions against the illness. However, using painkillers is not a treatment, they only mask the pain providing temporary cure; a quick fix.

However, it is true for expert physicians relying on medications, they prefer combining rehabilitative biomechanical therapies with pharmacological treatment to get fast and long-lasting results. Practical results have proven non-surgical pain treatment as a fundamental and prior treatment to suggest to their loyal patients; non-surgical treatment is more than alternative healing. 

4. Holistic Healing

Last but not least, another technical aspect of non-surgical pain treatment is a holistic overview of the body, along with the patient’s health history. Instead of focusing on a specific pain condition and type, specialists assume the body as a whole to find ways of natural treatment.

The holistic approach emphasizes on diet and nutrition, lifestyle, sleeping habits, and exercise. This holistic approach has a significant impact on the metabolic system, which potentially alters body hormones functionality that leads to various chemical and physical improvements. Moreover, the treatment can boost and improve the healing and make the immune system stronger.

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