Weight Loss

Weight Loss Health Coach

Whether your goal is to eat better or to lose a certain amount of weight, the process to a healthier lifestyle isn’t always easy—especially when you try to do it alone. Having a partner on your weight loss journey can make a huge difference. Our health coaches at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic in Meridian have

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Supplements and Your Weight Loss Goals

Most people have lived with extra body weight at some point in their life, and know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy weight. Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic’s H2 BodyPrint line of natural supplements could be the answer for you to help enhance your weight loss. Healthy weight loss starts with well-rounded lifestyle

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Boost Your Weight Loss with Genetic Testing

Weight issues are complicated. This is the reason why many of those who try to lose weight fail. Despite the presence of countless diets and fitness plans, some people still find it difficult to lose weight. There are many people who even try every fad diet but still end up overweight.  Some would attribute the

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Your Weight Loss Journey: Food Journaling

When it comes to losing weight, studies have shown that keeping a record of what you eat can play a big role in your success. In one study of nearly 1,700 participants, those who kept a food journal lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t keep any records. What should you include in

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How Lipotropic Injections Can Boost Weight Loss

Have you struggled to lose weight? Have you changed your diet and exercise habits and want to see faster results? Sometimes your body needs an extra boost to help you reach your weight loss goals. Lipotropic vitamin injections from Healthy Habits in Meridian can help! What are lipotropic injections? Lipotropic compounds are substances that help

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Why Hormone Imbalance Causes Weight Gain

Hormone imbalance may occur due to several factors, such as pregnancy, puberty, certain medications, and more. It may also lead to weight gain, impacting both your physical and mental health. Studies show that hormone imbalance causes weight gain. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor your hormones that manage your weight.  If you are wondering how to

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Benefits of a nutritional counselor

5 Advantages of a Nutritional Counselor

Having a nutritional counselor helps you make a more healthy diet and nutrition decisions. With the proper guidance, you’ll be able to maintain a path to better eating and better health Advantages: Controlling Chronic Health Conditions | Habits That Last | Wellness That Matters | Weight Loss or Gain | Positivity Books and journals are

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Reasons HCG helps with Weight Loss

4 Reasons HCG Helps Your Weight Loss Journey

What is HCG | Appetite Suppression | Rapid Weight Loss | HCG Targets Fat | HCG Acts as Pro Hormone | Conclusion Obesity or being overweight is associated with numerous physical diseases as well as emotional distress. Furthermore, it can cause high blood pressure, stroke, gallbladder diseases, diabetes, and even osteoporosis. In addition to all

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5 Genetic testing kits for better health

Genetic Testing: 5 Tests for Better Health

Personalized Programs | General Health Testing | Carrier Screen Testing | Genetic Testing for Wellness | Testing for Fitness | Cellular Age Testing Owing to the high amount of research and science-backed knowledge, genetic testing has gained popularity in the last few years. Moving away from the traditional approach of, “one for all” health and

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Genetic testing helps with weight loss

4 Reasons Genetic Testing Helps You Lose Weight

The Right Diet Plan | Foods to Avoid | The Right Exercise Plan | The Right Motivation Genetic Testing and Weight Loss Many people have no clue how genetic testing can help them lose weight. Are you finding it hard to lose weight even if you spend hours in the gym and have tried all

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Why Medical weight loss is better than diet fads

No More Fad Diets: Medical Weight Loss Is Your Ray Of Hope

For some people, losing weight is a constant lifelong struggle. With such a large number of medical issues associated with obesity, individuals that struggle to lose weight often wish they could lose a couple of pounds. However, regardless of the amount you put in dieting and exercising, it is hard to achieve genuine results sometimes.

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How fish oil Omega-3 helps with weight loss

Fish Oil Weight Loss And Health Benefits

Fish oils come from fatty fishes, which are also known as oily fishes. The main source of these oils are fishes like salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, and sardines. The fillets of these fishes contain about 30 percent oil, which is mostly omega 3 fatty acids. This compound is beneficial to health and can help you

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How You Can Keep The Weight Off for Good

Tried every fad diet out there and still nothing to show for it? Tired of having to carry around the excess body weight and not being able to enjoy life fully? If that sounds like you, our medical weight management program is what you need. Our approach to weight loss is a truly transformative experience

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10 Weight Loss Tips You Should Know

Weight loss is a challenge for most people, but it does not have to be complicated. All you need is some motivation and proper guidance and you will see the results for yourself. There are many out there who resort to rigorous exercise regimes and crash diets, hoping to lose weight miraculously. But the bitter

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Why you should choose medical weight loss

Top 15 Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Individuals who are overweight encounter a significantly higher risk of a range of physical and mental health problems. There are many people out there who try to shed those extra pounds by joining a gym or by dieting. But, more often than not these methods do not seem to work out for them. This is

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