Boost Your Weight Loss with Genetic Testing

Weight issues are complicated. This is the reason why many of those who try to lose weight fail. Despite the presence of countless diets and fitness plans, some people still find it difficult to lose weight. There are many people who even try every fad diet but still end up overweight.  Some would attribute the

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Health Management: Genetic Testing Helps

Genetic Testing has gone far beyond tracing your ancestry. Doctors are now using this technology to help their patients with health management. Genetic testing for health management is already a reality and many people have already tried to change their lifestyle based on their genetic tests. When people hear the word genetic testing, they are

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5 Genetic testing kits for better health

Genetic Testing: 5 Tests for Better Health

Personalized Programs | General Health Testing | Carrier Screen Testing | Genetic Testing for Wellness | Testing for Fitness | Cellular Age Testing Owing to the high amount of research and science-backed knowledge, genetic testing has gained popularity in the last few years. Moving away from the traditional approach of, “one for all” health and

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Genetic testing helps with weight loss

4 Reasons Genetic Testing Helps You Lose Weight

The Right Diet Plan | Foods to Avoid | The Right Exercise Plan | The Right Motivation Genetic Testing and Weight Loss Many people have no clue how genetic testing can help them lose weight. Are you finding it hard to lose weight even if you spend hours in the gym and have tried all

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