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Improve Your Health Naturally With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The human body is certainly a very complex, fascinating and very efficient piece of machinery. Over the years, man has tried to discover the constituent components that make the bodywork the way it does. Needless to say, there are many different and very important components that medical scientists have discovered over the years, one example of these components are hormones.

Men and women are mere mortals and when they reach the senior citizen zone, certain disturbing situations or conditions such as weight gain, osteoporosis, memory impairment and hot flashes in the night are experienced. But the human race has a proven record of beating the hazards of nature every time so this time too it is has succeeded in replicating the hormones which are very similar to the naturally occurring ones in the body on a molecular level. No wonder so many anti-aging societies have been quick to enlist them as potentially the most reliable way of preventing the aging-related health care problems.

Women are fast becoming aware of treatment options that can give them a fresh and longer solution to feeling and looking young. However, there are many questions to be answered, the most important of all being whether these treatments are successful and whether the hormones are safe in the long run. However, the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is not just limited to the elderly.

Until recently, traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was the treatment of choice for menopause-related symptoms, but this changed once the serious risks of long term HRT use were exposed. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has become the default treatment of choice for women who consider the risks of HRT to be too big.

BHRT is a plant-based product that chemically matches natural hormones produced in the body. Obviously, this makes BHRT sound very attractive, but BHRT isn’t without controversy. The FDA has approved many BHRT drugs for menopause treatment but doesn’t endorse or recognize the term “bioidentical” as anything other than a marketing term. The process of compounding is the biggest controversy in the production of BHRT drugs and one we’ll discuss at length.


When an individual suffers from a hormonal imbalance it normally affects their mental and physical state, creating misery and frustration.

The surge in popularity of BHRT began exactly when the fall of HRT started in 2002 with the halting of groundbreaking study which was conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative. This study was a 15-year long study on estrogen and progestin combined, the common hormone treatment used to treat menopause-related symptoms. This study was halted prematurely when serious health risks such as heart attacks, stroke, breast cancer, and blood clots were found to be associated with both types of long term HRT use.

Not too surprisingly, once these risks were exposed, both doctors and people quickly moved away from HRT and were left looking for effective safer options; this is where BHRT steps in to fill the void.

How successful are these treatments?

There are different forms of bioidentical hormones and different hormones work in different ways. Therefore, it is important to treat each patient in a manner that her unique physiology responds to the treatment most effectively. Many experts agree that both male and female patients have experienced remarkable success with these treatments. However, it is also observed that treatment is far more successful when it is tailored to suit the individual requirements of patients.

Experts also point out that hormones, whether they are bioidentical or synthesized, have to be treated with a lot of care. Therefore, these are not necessarily the first step in achieving hormonal balance. At the onset of menopause or andropause, many women and men can find natural relief from troublesome symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes alone. It is only when these steps have been tried and tested and the results are not up to the expectations that therapy has to be considered.

How safe are they?

Coming to the second most important question – there are medical studies that suggest that bioidentical hormone therapy is safer than synthetic hormones. The greatest advantage of this kind of therapy is that it makes use of natural hormones that are similar in molecular structure to the hormones produced in the body. Therefore, the body is equipped to metabolize these hormones quickly. Side effects are minimal too. On the other hand, synthetic hormones are not identical to the hormones naturally produced by the body. Thus, they may have unpredictable and undesirable side effects.

In addition to the above, bioidentical hormone therapy also has another appeal for patients and doctors alike. These hormones are available in different doses and can, therefore, be calibrated and matched to suit the individual needs of different patients. This is something that mass-produced synthetic hormones cannot achieve.

Aspects about BHRT you need to know

Each one of usage and with that aging comes a decrease in hormones that are crucial for proper body functioning. Both men and women experience serious and at times devastating side effects from the lowered hormonal levels in their bodies due to natural aging. The good news is research has found a way to substitute these hormones and get you back to health.

Here’s what you must know about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy:

  • Some of the products that are produced by pharmaceutical companies produce hormones from synthetic ingredients in them. These ingredients are simply disguised chemicals. The only means to true hormonal replacement is with natural hormones. These are the hormones that match the exact molecular structure of the hormones present in your body. Natural hormones would work with your system to offer you with the healthy results you ought to have.
  • Several women suffer from symptoms of menopause. However, men even have a change that comes over them as they begin to get to an age that is similar in many ways to the female menopause. For men, andropause could dramatically change a way of life. Hormone replacement therapy using all-natural hormones can help greatly in soothing the horrible symptoms of andropause.
  • Do you have hot flashes that come out of nowhere? Do you suffer from memory loss that seems sudden? Several men and women have the symptoms of weight gain and loss of sex drive from the lowering of hormones in their bodies. Once you have these levels back on kilter, you would feel remarkable results. The hormone oxytocin is a hormone that directly affects reproduction and has been dubbed the ‘love’ hormone. Increasing this hormone to normal and healthy levels would assist to cure the loss of your sex drive.
  • Weight gain is one of the side effects of hormonal imbalance, which could lead to many other health problems. Using natural hormone therapy coupled with a well-balanced diet and exercise will aid you to lose weight. Your good health depends a lot on your hormones, especially as you grow older. Make sure you take the steps to keep them balanced.

Get more energy, better sleep, mood, productivity and sex life with hormone balancing. You can get better with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, as it is utilized to replace hormones in your body. There are little-known side effects and since they’re natural they are easily metabolized in the body.

The process could fight the signs of aging and get the body back at a normal rate and feel happy and confident. Avoid not being able to sleep and rest well, decrease the chances of gaining weight and retain your focus and concentration. Do not let the lack of hormones overpower you and lead you to feel depressed. The remaining years of one’s life have to be enjoyed to its fullest. Women need not feel the side effects of menopause but instead experience the greatest time of their life through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

You do not need to be a medical practitioner to assume that the body would be more receptive to hormones that have the same chemical structure as the ones produced naturally, as opposed to the ones that are of a totally different molecular structure. It is almost like having a blood transfusion and using the blood of a different group from that of the recipient. Despite all good intentions, the result could be disastrous, as can be seen from the report above.

Bioidentical hormones are better processed by the body and are therefore safer. Women and also men all over the world can now live life to the fullest without worries of menopausal symptoms or other symptoms arising from hormonal imbalance. Needless to say, you need to consult a qualified BHRT physician for the proper administration of this therapy. Talk to an expert today and start enjoying life again.

Convinced That Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy(BHRT) is Right for You?


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