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Cynthia “Thia” Anderson

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Cynthia “Thia” Anderson


Thia became a registered nurse over 20 years ago with the goal to use her training to help patients achieve their optimal level of health. She worked in several areas of health care, including women’s health, public health, hospital care, and home health before deciding that instead of caring for sick patients, she wanted to focus on prevention and wellness, keeping patients healthy and out of the doctor’s office or hospital. She became a women’s health nurse practitioner in 2011 after graduating with her Masters in Nursing from Frontier Nursing University. After working in reproductive health for several years, she decided to return to Frontier for her family nurse practitioner certification and graduated in 2016.

Thia joined Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic in 2017 with a desire to help patients achieve their optimal level of health and improve their quality of life and self-esteem. Instead of just treating symptoms, she seeks to get to the source of the problem. In addition to medical weight loss, Thia is interested in how the gut microbiome affects the overall health of the individual. She offers testing to identify possible imbalances and strategies to address them. She also has an interest in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and works with patients to develop a personalized treatment plan to address symptoms of hormone imbalances. Additionally, Thia provides pain management joint injections and IV therapy. Finally, she is certified to perform High Definition Body Sculpting and Fat Transfer procedures. Her goal is to ensure that each patient feels important and that their needs, worries, and concerns are being heard and addressed. She loves research and is constantly updating her knowledge so she can provide the most current evidence-based care.

Thia lives in Palouse, WA with her husband Ken and a collection of interesting critters, including goats, dogs, cats, snakes, a salamander, and fish. She spends much of her free time outdoor and enjoys hiking with her pack goats, hunting, fishing, shed hunting, wildlife viewing, or just exploring. She is also the proud grandmother of 8!


Achieved High Definition Body Sculpting certification

2017 – Current

Joined Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic


Achieved National certification as Family Nurse Practitioner


Graduated Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Frontier Nursing University

Achieved National certification as Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner


Graduated with Master’s degree in Nursing

Frontier Nursing University

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