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Supervised Medical Weight Loss

Benefit from programs that produce up to 3 to 5 lbs lost per WEEK, under the care of our specialized medial team to insure you success!

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We provide high quality medication that promotes lasting health benefits

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Our through testing and holistic approach, drives long lasting results

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Welcome to Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic

Where Your Health is Our Business

Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic offers comprehensive wellness services, including weight loss management, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and minimally invasive body sculpting treatments to ensure you achieve and maintain optimal health. Having clinics located in the various areas in Washington and Idaho, our team of experts specialize in treatments they believe will benefit you, maximize your overall health, and take pride in helping you achieve a happier, healthier life. With over 30 years of clinic experience, Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic focuses on nutrition as the primary building block for good health, and the treatments we offer focuses on reducing your dependence on medication and establishing healthier lifestyle habits to live a longer, balanced life.

In the United States, obesity has become an epidemic and is linked to over 4,000 diseases. The goal at Healthy Habits is to combat obesity and its related conditions, and we have a variety of Idaho or Spokane area medical weight loss packages and services to do just that: body contouring, stem cell therapy, age management, aesthetics, and more.


Specialized Medical Services

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*Disclaimer: Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic offers no guarantees or promises of results. Each experience varies from patient to patient. Therefore, no guarantees are given by any staff or representation of Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic to any visitors or patients.