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Weight Loss Center Leading in Wellness Care

Results may vary from person to person

For over 15 years, Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic has been helping patients become pain-free, achieve weight targets and enjoy overall wellness. Our weight loss centers have had tremendous success in treating back pain patients, as well as providing successful medical weight loss to patients looking to achieve total wellness. Achieving and maintaining your ideal weight is both a medical and lifestyle decision. Once you make the commitment, we can help you realize your goals.

Medical Weight Loss Generates Success Stories

Marisa talks about her experience with medical weight loss. Our staff at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic in Meridian, Caldwell, Coeur d’Alene and Spokane Valley can help you too.

April explains to us her first experience at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic, and how getting over the fear of needing help is just the first step, and we are here to help.

Patients suffering from neck or back pain and patients with targeted weight loss goals have enjoyed consistent success from our proven techniques and weight management programs. We offer each patient we treat our Client Experience Questionnaire, to tell us about their experience with us.

We can note our achievements with pain management and weight loss programs, but the true measure of our success is the testimony of our patients. For example, we combine medically prescribed injections with a customized diet, lifestyle and nutrition advice, tailored to each patient, to achieve total wellness. Our clinics have been particularly successful treating women, especially menopausal patients, who have previously struggled with weight control.

We have many success stories from our neighbors, who have tried other weight loss methods without achieving their goals. However, using our custom designed programs, including medically prescribed injections, nutritional and exercise counseling, a specific customized diet, appetite control medication and following our lifestyle recommendations, many women and men have finally enjoyed success.


I just want to thank Yvonne and Sally and the rest of the staff at Healthy Habits for talking me into changing my life forever with the Lifestyle Program.
I needed help with my weight, cholesterol and blood pressure and heard an ad on the radio and thought I would give them a try. It took me a while to build up my courage to walk thru the doors that first time. I finally called and made the appointment to come in. The minute I walked in the door I was warmly greeted by Nicky and felt such a genuine sense of caring in the atmosphere.
I next meet with Yvonne and we talked extensively about my concerns and Yvonne quickly put me at ease as she shared what the Healthy Habits Lifestyle Program could do to help me. Yvonne answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable with the decision to take on the program.
At 60 years old Yvonne made me realize its ok to make life changing decisions for a better life. You are the only one responsible for yourself and once you grasp that then you can move forward to a better you. And even then it’s kind of scary to step out of your comfort zone to make a better you. There is no “easy” button. You have to want to do this and commit to it.
After I met with Yvonne we set up my first appointment. I showed up at the office with reservations because with the upcoming holidays only two weeks away I was not in the right mind set to do this yet and asked Yvonne if I could please push things out until after the holidays and come back in January. Yvonne expressed nothing but care and concern about making sure I was comfortable and in control of my destiny. No pressure what so ever and I greatly appreciated that.
On my second visit I had my mind in the right place and was ready to go forward. I meet with Sally, the weight loss coach, and she introduce the Lifestyle Program to me and right from the start I thought this is not going to work for me because I do not cook and I mean I literally do not cook. I don’t have time. I have 2 full time jobs and a 2 hour commute every day so cooking is not a priority to me and my husband fends for himself. So I told Sally I didn’t cook and she just looked at me for a few minutes kind of in disbelief and then we started talking about ways to make the program work for me the non-cooker person. Sally is a wealth of knowledge with a passion for wanting to help you succeed the best you can with the Lifestyle Program. I have to be honest and say those first 3 weeks were pretty tough but I was determined because with each visit the numbers were moving in the right direction. Together we worked out a program that didn’t involve cooking and got me over the 3 week hump.
After 8 weeks of determination and amazing support by Yvonne and Sally I have reached my goals. My weight is down, my cholesterol dropped considerably without any medications, my blood pressure is down and for the first time in my life I am no longer anemic thanks to everyone at Healthy Habits and the Lifestyle Program.
I have never felt better than I do now and am forever grateful for Yvonne and Sally giving me the gentle nudges to take control of my life and make me a better person. Truly blessed. God bless you all!



This program really works! My best advice to give another person looking to lose weight is to just do the program. You won’t regret it!



My favorite part of the Healthy Habits fast track program was that it worked so well! I lost the weight quickly with no lingering hunger. Throughout the program I felt great and had a clear head.

Mary Regdor

The Healthy Habits staff is so supportive! All of my questions were immediately addressed and they made me feel comfortable throughout the process.

Margaret Ball

My favorite part of the Healthy Habits program was how much better I felt while dropping the weight.

Lynn Huizinga

Megan was the reason for my success in the program. She motivated me to be successful and I lost 44 pounds!


I had fast weight loss with no hunger. I feel great and have a clear head!


I loved seeing the scale go down and feeling better!


My favorite thing about the program was that I felt so very supported! I felt like all of my questions and concerns were immediately addressed. The reason for my success was consistent support from all of the staff, staying on the plan, and keeping up with my weekly visits.

Monica F.

Customized Approach is Based on Individual Needs

A “one size fits all” approach to weight loss seldom achieves the intended results. Even those who lead fairly active lives participating in sports activities or walking a mile or more each day can encounter weight management problems.

Meridan chiropractic care provides back pain reliefTo avoid this result, we thoroughly examine and analyze all aspects of our patients’ health status. We then design a custom program to achieve our health goals. For example, we have a program that is designed to help you lose one pound per day, up to 45 pounds in 45 days. Using pharmaceutical-grade medically prescribed injections (beneficial hormones produced naturally during pregnancy), a custom designed nutritional plan to keep your energy level high and reduces your daily caloric intake to ensure that you shed more excess fat than you may produce.

Patients using this Fast Track Program, the Lifestyle Change Program or our other medical weight loss plans typically enjoy the success they have craved for years. However, do not make lifestyle decisions from our statements alone. Read some success stories from our chiropractic and weight loss clinic patients. These are brief, uplifting and honest.

Once you have made the commitment to enjoy healthy weight, call us at 208-887-4872 for a free consultation. We can design a plan that may include medically prescribed injections, appetite control medication, customized diet, exercise regimen, nutrition and lifestyle counseling that takes weight off and keeps it off.

Losing weight has built confidence in myself and improved my self esteem. I have more energy. Shopping for new clothes has been the best! Healthy Habits is easy and it works!!

Christie N.

I am so happy to have discovered Healthy Habits! I had tried everything to lose weight-South Beach, Atkins, walking two miles a day, but once I reached menopause, I just couldn’t shed more than five pounds. Finally, in May 2005, I decided to take drastic measures.

After reading Suzanne Somers’ book, The Sexy Years, I researched the experts in the Treasure Valley that were treating menopausal women with Bio-Identical hormones, Healthy Habits had been helping women with bio-identical hormones for several years and just recently brought their knowledge to Meridian. They also developed a healthy eating plan and guidelines to assist with weight loss. In only seven weeks I lost 15 pounds and feel like a new person. Only ten more pounds to go and I’ll go from “warm” to “hot” as my husband says.

I’m not starving and have more energy than I have had in years. The staff at Healthy Habits are wonderful and now feel more like friends than nurses. I cannot say enough good things about my experience and am so glad that Healthy Habits decided to move to Idaho!

Deva C.

I weighed 145 pounds until I got pregnant. My weight rose fast after my son was born. My weight continued to rise to 273-1/4 pounds. My self-esteem went down the drain until I got a flyer in the mail for Healthy Habits. I thought I would give it a try. I’ve been coming to Healthy Habits for a little over three months and I’m very happy with the results. I’ve lost a little over 50 pounds and am very excited about everything! I now ride my bike to work, about eight miles round trip, I hike on working days. My self-esteem is great. I can’t say enough about how Healthy Habits has helped me.

Mechelle L.

I have gained more energy and stability since coming to Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic. I have lost 12 pounds in my first month by just changing eating habits. I enjoy the same foods but now in moderation. Thanks to the clinic I now can walk half a mile.

Evelyn R.

I look better because of losing weight and inches. My back is greatly improved because of chiropractic adjustments. I feel better and have less allergy symptoms due to my change in diet. The B-Complex vitamin injections have help me be more positive about life.


So far so good!! I’ve learned to control my urges to eat sweets (chocolate, cake, ice creams). I’ve made lots of changes, healthy changes. Even a couple pounds off keeps me motivated. Thank you! You just wait and see when I reach my goal… You won’t recognize me!!!

Heather T.

After having my first baby I was feeling really down about myself. I had gained way more weight than I thought during that nine months and it was catching up to me. Healthy Habits has helped me lose all of my baby weight plus more!! I am smaller now than I was before I got pregnant. It’s great!!


I am a current patient of your HCG program and I lost about 22 lbs on it which is great! But here is what is even better… continuing on with the vitamin injections I am STILL losing weight 4 weeks or more after going off the HCG. I have had NO menopause symptoms since I started with your program. I am very happy!

Platelet Rich Plasma



A series of injuries, surgeries, and a year on disability knocked me off my feet. The emotional impact of this combined with other problems left me in a state of despair. I was in chronic pain. I felt as if my joints have froze up. I lost physical strength as well as emotional strength. I had walked by Healthy Habits many times. This particular day I stopped and read the information on the window. Bio-Identical Hormones? What is that? I went in and asked. I ended up coming in again with more questions. I started a weight loss program and the Bio-Identical Hormone therapy. I began feeling better. Last but not least, I began chiropractic care with Dr. Lundahl. His treatments have resulted in relief from much of my pain. My range of motion has increased tremendously. My life has improved as I am functioning better each day. The knowledge Dr. Lundahl has provided, such as his classes and his great website, have been very beneficial in helping me to do my part in working toward a healthier life.

Jean L.



Results may vary from person to person