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Stem Cell Therapy

Available at our Meridian Location

What would you do if you were out of pain and felt ten years younger?


• Take that vacation you’ve been dying to go on
• Be more active and play more often
• Enjoy more of life

Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic is offering the exciting power of regenerative medicine to heal your body so that you can return to the life and activities you love.

• Long-term relief from joint pain, arthritis and neuropathy
• <30 minute procedure with minimal pain
• Extremely safe and effective

Our stem cell treatment protocol eliminates the risk of rejection or side effects while providing an incredible healing force in your body. Over the span of a few months, your body will repair and regrow cartilage, ligaments, and tissues, reducing inflammation and eliminating nerve pain. The simple procedure can have an incredible impact on function and restore you to a pain-free life.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem Cells are the natural cells found in your body that are responsible for healing damaged tissue. Stem cells have the ability to change into every type of tissue in your body, depending on what needs to be healed.

Our joints, cartilage, ligaments, muscles and bones are constantly breaking down and our body is constantly rebuilding them with the help of stem cells. Unfortunately, at the age of 40 and beyond, the number stem cells in our body significantly decreases with each year AND the potency of our stem cells significantly decreases each year. That is why we can cut our finger when we are 21 and it has completely heated the next day but when we cut it when we are 65, it can take a couple of weeks to heal.

The stem cells we use at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic to treat patients are called “Amniotic Stem Cells.” They are harvested from a donated mother during a scheduled C-section and processed at one of 3 FDA approved stem cell labs. The cells go through rigorous testing like any other biologic before they are sent to our clinics. Amniotic stem cells are “neutral cells” that do not contain any DNA. Because they are neutral, a patient cannot have a rejection or reaction to them. These cells are safe to use. As a matter of fact, there has not been one adverse side effect ever documented in over 100 years.

Amniotic Stem Cells are very unique and we are really the best choice to use for Stem Cell Therapy for a few reasons: They are brand new cells which are extremely potent because of how new they are which means they may be able to heal tissue very quickly, which means if they are injected into the knee, for instance, any parts of the knee which are damaged can potentially be healed. For example, when you have meniscus damage you might also have ligaments that are getting frayed,” tendons that are weakening and even possibly micro fractures in your tibia.

Amniotic Stem Cells also have natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are more effective than even steroids. The majority of our patients leave our clinic with very little or no pain whatsoever and by the time the analgesic effect has worn off, their knee has already healed enough that they have no pain anymore.

Best of all, Amniotic Stem Cells are safe. The only risk of infection is at the injection site. Of course we use new sterile needles and prep and sterilize the site of injection so this risk is extremely minimal as well.


1) How do the stem cells know where to go and what to grow?

When our tissue is damage it gives off things called Cytokines. Cytokines act like little beacons to attract the stem cells to that tissue. In fact, we have heard of numerous instances when a patient has a Stem Cell procedure done and another area of their body also heals. One of our colleagues in a group of research clinics that we belong to shared a story last week on how one of his patients that had both his knees injected with stem cells three months ago had went to an Ophthalmologist a couple of weeks ago for a surgery he had scheduled prior to getting the stem cells surgery, to get a tear in his eye surgically repaired.

When he got to his Ophthalmologist’s Office the doctor asked him why we went and had someone else do the surgery already- The patient told him he had no idea what he was talking about. The Ophthalmologist explained that this type of tear could not heal on its own and the only way to fix it was through surgery and then asked a second time, “who did you have do your surgery and why didn’t you come to me?” That is when the patient remembered that he had the Stem Cell Procedure performed a couple of months earlier and actually had some stem cells put straight into his blood stream to hopefully heal problems that he did not know about yet—talk about the world’s greatest vitamin, eh?

2) What things do you treat in your office with Stem cells?

We limit our practice to orthopedics (joints) at this time. We are not actually “treating” anything, we are deploying these very potent Stem Cells to injured regions and they are doing all the work. We will put them into your blood stream via an IV and let them “go to where they need to go,” upon request though. We talked to a patient in our clinic last week who had been an athlete and had become so weak due to a heart problem that he was bound to a wheelchair. He went to Thailand and paid S40K to have Stem Cell Therapy on his heart and was back to jogging 3 weeks after the procedure He has had 10 great years of living life to its fullest since his procedure.

3) What other problems have been treated with Stem Cell Therapy in this country?

Stem Cell Therapy has provided an alternative treatment method for those suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, burns, cancer, stroke and osteoarthritis. Regenerative medicine shows that stem cells have the potential to encourage new tissue growth for use in transplant and other procedures. Scientists continue to research stem cells and the promising ways they can help benefit the human body.

4) What makes Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic unique and a better choice than most other Stem Cell treatment centers around the country?

We treat chronic joint pain on a daily basis with our physical medicine team. Each stem cell patient we accept for care first undergo our unique state-of-the-art rehabilitation program to address and treat the “root cause” of the damaged joint and get the affected area as strong and vibrant as possible before the Stem Cells are introduced to the damaged tissue. We believe that this results in a better chance of success, quicker and more permanent results.

5) If stem cell therapy helps me get better, how long do the results last for?

As long as the root cause of your problem is addressed, your healing should be long term.

6) At what point should I explore this option and at what point is it too late?

The quicker a patient gets their joint treated without waiting around for a few years, the quicker and better the results. It your joint does not initially heal, it probably isn’t going to get better on its own. We have treated many 75+ year olds with “bone on bone” knees who are getting better, just not as quickly as our patients with less degeneration.

7) How long does it take to heal?

We have an orthopedic surgeon in LA that belongs 10 Our research group, who has shown via MRI that knees were still healing 2 years after deployment of Stem Cells. The vast majority of healing happens within 6-9 months. This means you keep feeling better and better every month for up to 24 months.


8) How do I see if I am a candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

Call our office at 208-887-4872 and schedule a complimentary screening.